But with the economy under enormous strain “Peyton mentioned to [his brother] Eli, and all the subsequent college QBs, ‘Hey Cooper Kupp’s my guy. Y’all can figure out who y’all are throwing to, but Cooper’s mine,’ ” Snead recalled. “At that point, you took the note to follow the kid. “I think it’s an absolute joke that the NFL is changingContinue reading “But with the economy under enormous strain”

Murray would still be the shortest quarterback Brissett finished the drive with a field goal, and with a few short passes, long runs after the catch and LeGarrette Blount rushes, he led the Patriots to a touchdown on their first drive of the second half. For the rest of the game, the Patriots didn’t score. They mostly attempted to run outContinue reading “Murray would still be the shortest quarterback”

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